DT-6A map tray sealer (vacuum seal machine) adopts Germany BUSCH vacuum pump (high oxygen vacuum pump). When the oxygen ratio is up to 21%, it needs to be equipped with Germany high oxygen vacuum pump. Furthermore, because of the ratio of oxygen is too high, the machine could avoid the accident of deflagration.

Application of Vacuum Seal Machine

DT-6A map tray sealer is widely applicable to fresh meat, cooked meat, fish, poultry, shellfish, fruit, coffee, tea, vegetables, bread, and supermarket-distribution foods.

Technical Characters of Vacuum Seal Machine

1. Electric System
France Schneider Electric Elements features long service life and high applicability to assure reliable quality.
2. The Germany WITT gas mixer
It adopts real-time gas mixing, which accuracy is higher than ± 1%. The quality of food packing of each box is guaranteed to be always consistent. The preservation period of the packed food are controlled effectively.
3. High vacuum degree and long service life assures reliable quality of map tray sealer
4. Gas displacement system
The totally enclosed vacuum chamber gas replacement technology is used to guarantee the high replacement rate (replacement rate ≥ 99%).
5. Gas displacement system can minimize the residual oxygen content within the packing pallet and effectively guarantee the mixing precision of the mixed gas within the food packing pallet.
6. User can effectively control the storage, logistics and sales time of the fresh food, and prolong the shelf life accordingly.
7. Easily replaceable of sealing mould: Different size of the trays is available according to different requirements.
8. Removable modified atmosphere box: Removable vacuum and gas mixing system is convenience for machine installation.

Technology Specification

Model DT-6A Map Tray Sealer
Max Tray Dimensions(mm) 320 × 225 × 60
Max Width of Film(mm) 410
Max Diameter Of Film(mm) 300
Packaging Speed(times/min) 3 to 4
Electrical Requirement 1P/220V/50HZ
Consume Power(kW) 2.5
Vacuum Pump(m³/h) 20
Air Exchanging Rate (%) 99
Air Filling Concise (%) ≤1
Main Machine Dimensions(mm) 800 × 640 × 810
Main Machine Weight(kg) 162
Gas Mixer System Dimensions(mm) 655 × 600 × 550
Gas Mixer System Weight(kg) 90

Die Plates Available Format

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