Tray Sealing Machine



Tray sealing machine adopt Germany BUSCH vacuum pump (high oxygen vacuum pump). It is a kind of food tray sealer equipment. When the oxygen ratio is up to 21%, it needs to be equipped with Germany high oxygen vacuum pump.
Furthermore, because of the ratio of oxygen is too high, the sealer machine packaging could avoid the accident of deflagration.

Advantages of Tray Sealing Machine

Earned CE certificate
Mould is changeable

Features of Sealer Machine Packaging‎

1. Control System: OMRON PLC programmable control system
The data setting and motion control are more accurate, the performance is more reliable, the operation is more easy and simple and more humanized.
2. Vacuum System: Germany BUSCH vacuum pump (high oxygen vacuum pump)
This vacuum pump has high vacuum degree and long service life, which ensures the reliable quality of the tray sealing machine.
3. Electric System: France Schneider Electric Elements
With long service life and high applicability, it leads to reliable quality. Equipment failures can be effectively avoided to allow the continuous use of users without being interrupted by quality matters of electrical units.
4. The Germany WITT gas mixer
It adopts real-time gas mixing that accuracy is higher than ± 1%. The quality of food packing of each box is guaranteed to be always consistent. The preservation period of the packed food are controlled effectively.
5. Machine could be running after push the mould into machine.
6. High vacuum degree and long service life leads to reliable quality of the tray sealing machine.
7. Gas displacement system
The totally enclosed vacuum chamber gas replacement technology is used to guarantee the high replacement rate (replacement rate ≥ 99%).
8. Gas displacement system can minimize the residual oxygen content within the packing pallet and effectively guarantee the mixing precision of the mixed gas within the food packing pallet.
9. User can effectively control the storage, logistics and sales time of the fresh keeping food, and prolong the shelf life accordingly.
10. Structure Material
Regarding to the main structure material, the tray sealing machine adopts 304 Stainless Steel, which is safety, sanitation, and easy to clean.
11. Easily replaceable of sealing mould
Different size of the trays is available according to clients packing requirement.
12. Work status indication
Tray Sealing Machine has an operating program status and failure real-time display function to monitor the equipment to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
13. Removable modified atmosphere box
Removable vacuum and gas mixing system is convenience for machine installation.