DZQ-800L chamber vacuum sealers uses microcomputer control system for setting precise and stable parameters of all packing. Long-term stable operating is possible for just one preset. Due to the attribute of vacuuming and filling inert gas and aroma, the vacuum packing can prevent oxidation to achieve a purpose of long-term preservation and prevent volatilization of the aroma.


DZQ-800L chamber vacuum sealers is especially suitable for vacuum packing sealing of large packing bag, such as meat, grain, herbs, medicines, chemicals, powder goods, electronic products.

Technical Characters of Vacuum Packing

1. The external chamber vacuum sealers uses microcomputer control system for setting precise and stable parameters of all packing
2. The main structure of the DZQ-800L chamber vacuum sealers is made of 304 Stainless Steel to ensure its elegant appearance as well as the anticorrosion in harsh caustic environment..
3. TAIWAN AIRTAC pneumatic element ensures the running of pneumatic element to be stable and reliable.
4. The conveyor is suitable for packing big item, and it could reduce the labor’s intensity, making the packing simple and convenient.
5. The display and control components on the control panel make the equipment work status absolutely clear and facilitate the operation.
6. Equipped with high efficiency, speediness vacuum pump, the DZQ-800L chamber vacuum sealers can reach high vacuum degree.

Technology Specification of Vacuum Packing

Model DZQ-800L/S DZQ-800L
Machine Dimensions(mm) 930 × 700 × 1800 930 × 700 × 1800
Sealer Type Double Sealer Single Sealer
Sealer Dimensions(mm) 800 × 10 × 2 800 × 10
Sealer Power Consumption(kW) 1 0.6
Pump Capacity(m³/h) 20 20
Pump Power Consumption(kW) 0.9 0.9
Electrical Requirement(v/Hz) 220/50 220/50
Production Cycle 2 to 3 Time/Min 2 to 3 Time/Min
Conveyor Adjustment Range (mm) 0 to 700 0 to 700
Distance Between Conveyor Working Table and Ground (mm) 370 370
Net Weight(kg) 105 105

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